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Periodic Table of Behavior Analysis ©

Like any science, behavior analysis has core concepts, actions, and theoretical underpinnings. Similarly, explaining these concepts, theories, and actions to others can be daunting. Concepts such as positive and negative reinforcement, tacting and manding, and motivating operations can be a challenge to teach. In order to assist in this process, Dr Mickey Keenan devised the idea of a Periodic Table of Behavior Analysis. We have decided to make his idea a reality.

The Periodic Table of Behavior Analysis© shows the best example of a concept, theory or action that has been submitted to the Free Video section of TheBehaviorAnalyst.com. Elevation to the Periodic Table will be dependent upon feedback from site visitors and peer review, with TheBehaviorAnalyst.com reserving the right of final approval.

As more and more videos are submitted, the Periodic Table will change. Better exemplars will replace older submissions. The old submissions won’t go far, they will still be available on the Free Video page. The Periodic Table should host the most concise, comprehensible, and creative exemplar of each concept, action or theory.

Feel free to use the videos as teaching aids and resources, however, TheBehaviorAnalyst.com/Behavior Services of Brevard retains all rights to submitted videos, they cannot be copied, used for CEUs or any other commercial purpose without express permission from TheBehaviorAnalyst.com/Behavior Services of Brevard. Keep in mind that a release must be signed by each person (or their legal representative) who is shown, or whose work is shown, in any videos submitted. Music, graphics, photos or other materials included in the video must be royalty-free, or a copy of the release for its use must be included with the other submission materials. In addition, each video must be submitted or reviewed for content by a BCBA or an instructor of Behavior Analysis at the college level prior to submission. The review form must accompany the releases when the video is submitted.