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About Us

TheBehaviorAnalyst.com is owned by Behavior Services of Brevard, Inc. Based in Florida, BSB has been in existence since 1997, providing in-home behavior analysis services to typically developing children and individuals with disabilities of any age. In 2003 we opened the first stand-alone Intensive-Behavioral Adult Day Training program in the state. We have long been a professional development site. Most of our staff are in school as undergraduate, Master's, and Doctoral students. Some have come to us specifically for their internship experience; other, unsuspecting individuals were recruited from high school or undergraduate programs and embraced the profession sufficiently to change their majors and their career path to behavior analysis.

Using Organizational Behavior Management and Behavior Analysis, we provide opportunities for staff to advance their behavior management skills and create a work environment that is convivial, scholarly, and exciting. We are committed to providing high quality, effective, and ethical behavioral interventions. As a result of this, Behavior Services of Brevard is highly regarded locally and state-wide as a provider of comprehensive behavior analysis services. Some of our alumni have remained with the company after becoming certified, and others have moved on to careers and advanced education elsewhere in the United States.

Our President and CEO, Karen Wagner, obtained her PhD in education from the University of Central Florida and has been working in the disability field for 30 years. With a background in Adult Day Training and Supported Employment, in addition to Applied Behavior Analysis, her early years in the field were as a direct care provider. Current areas of interest are the history of behavior analysis, teaching, staff training, Ethics in behavior analysis, and the production of multimedia educational resources.