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How Credits Work

  • Other helping professions may also allow you to receive credit for viewing videos, but we are not official continuing education providers for any other professional organizations.

  • Buy credits in bulk, then mix and match CEU sessions to suite your needs. Credits do not expire, excess credits can be saved for the next recertification cycle. The more credits you buy, the more you SAVE!

  • Each credit is worth 1/2 of a CEU, or approximately 25 minutes of contact time. This allows us to offer CEU opportunities of differing lengths. The BACB requires a minimum of one, 50-minute CEU per CEU event. After the minimum length is achieved, additional CEUs may be offered in full or 1/2 CEU increments to allow session values of 1, 1 1/2 , 2, 2 1/2, and 3 CEU sessions. CEU contact time is calculated based primarily on the length of the video, but time is allocated for answering questions and additional reading, if required. Each clip within the CEU session requires answering two or three questions before the participant is allowed to move to the next clip. WE RECOMMEND YOU WRITE DOWN THE QUESTIONS AND CHOICES AT THE BEGINNING OF EACH CLIP TO PREVENT HAVING TO REPEAT THE CLIP! Clip lengths vary, but one should expect a minimum of 10 questions per CEU.

  • Do you have a DISCOUNT CODE? Click on the Purchase Credits tab, above, select the number of credits you would like to purchase, then scroll to the bottom of the list and enter your discount code into the Promo Code box. You will receive a discount, even on "Conference Day" pricing!

  • Credit Pricing:

  • We accept Visa and MasterCard, we do not accept Discover or American Express

  • 1 Credit (1/2 CEU) = $13.00
  • 2 Credits (1 CEU) = $25.00
  • 3 Credits (1 1/2 CEUs) = $38.00
  • 4 Credit (2 CEUs) = $50.00
  • 5 Credits (2 1/2 CEUs) = $60.00
  • 6 Credits (3 CEUs) = $70.00
  • 7 Credits (3 1/2 CEU) = $82.00
  • 8 Credits (4 CEUs) = $93.00
  • 9 Credits (4 1/2 CEUs) = $105.00
  • 10 Credits (5 CEUs) = $117.00
  • 12 Credits (6 CEUs) = $130.00 Equivalent to one conference day!
  • 18 Credits (9 CEUs) = $195.00
  • 24 Credits (12 CEUs) = $250.00 Equivalent to two conference days!
  • 30 Credits (15 CEUs) = $310.00
  • 36 Credits (18 CEUs) = $375.00 Equivalent to three conference days!
  • 42 Credits (21 CEUs) = $435.00
  • 48 Credits (24 CEUs) = $495.00 Equivalent to four conference days!
  • 60 Credits (30 CEUs) = $600.00 Equivalent to five conference days!
  • Conference-type Pricing - No time to get away? Skip the trip and conference at your own pace! Use CEU credits to mix and match your own conference experience

    Agency Credits

    Need to keep your staff certified? Has your agency's travel budget been slashed? Looking for performance reinforcers for your certified staff? Contact us about agency credits. We can distribute agency credits to your pre-registered contractors and employees, just tell us how many go to each staff!

    Large Group Pricing

    Instructors, are you looking for multimedia content to enliven and inform your students? For the cost of a textbook, your students can purchase credits for a significantly reduced price and have access to a selection of our continually-expanding selection of behavior analytic material. You assign the selections, they watch them, answer the questions in each video clip, and receive a confirmation email that they can forward to you, ensuring that the assignment was completed. Since our system prevents viewers from fast forwarding through the videos, and they must correctly answer the questions for each clip before moving to the next, you can be assured that the material was presented. Viewers may stop and log out of the video at any time, even interruptions due to weather or cable company woes, and when they next login they will be returned to the beginning of the video clip they were watching at the time of the interruption. Email us at admin@TheBehaviorAnalyst.com with -Student Discount Codes- in the subject line, for more information.