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Free Videos

Free Videos are produced by behavior analysts, just like you, and show a particular skill, concept, or theoretical construct. Videos are submitted by behavior analysts from all over the world. Those that meet criterion (see submission criteria) are uploaded to the site for your viewing pleasure. Videos are typically less than 5 minutes in length. The foci of the videos are clarity of the behavior analytic topic, effective presentation, and quality of the video itself (lighting, sound, editing). They don’t have to be fancy, MovieMaker©, iMovie©, or other low-cost editing programs are fine, but they must be comprehensible. Staff training and other Organizational Behavior Management – type videos are also welcome. Creativity, humor, and unique topics can absolutely tip the scales of a video that is somewhat marginal in quality.    Read More . . .

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Baby Steps from the CDC
A video that assists parents in recognizing some early signs of a developmental delay. From the Centers for Disease Control.
Length: 00:04:33
Produced By: 00:04:33
School: CDC

The ADDM Network
A video explaining the Autism and Developmental Disabilities Network, from the Centers for Disease Control
Length: 00:05:06
Produced By: CDC
School: CDC

Autism Podcast with Dr.Catherine Rice
Dr. Robert Gaynes interviews Dr. Catherine Rice about the symptoms and treatment of Autism. Applied Behavior Analysis is mentioned. A Podcast with video titles
Length: 00:05:38
Produced By: CDC
School: CDC

The Behavioural Stream
A graphic representation of behavior in a time continuum, focusing on the construct that a data point is only a snapshot of an organisms behavior as the organism continues to move through time.
Length: 00:00:45
Produced By: Mickey Keenan
School: Ulster

Communication is Everything
Making picture schedules and task strips is demonstrated in this brief video from a parent training sponsored by The Toni Jennings Exceptional Education Institute at the University of Central Florida.
Length: 00:01:46
Produced By: Wagner-Camacho
School: UCF